The Best Of Johnny Winter-2002 (2002)

  • Released:2002
  • Label:Columbia/Legacy
  • No:CD-CK-85926
  • Vocal, Guitar, Harp, Mandolin: Johnny Winter
  • Guitar: Rick Derringer
  • Bass: Tommy Shannon, Randy Jo Hobbs, Jon Paris
  • Drums: John “Uncle” Turner, Bobby Caldwell, Richard Hughes, Bobby “T” Torello, Randy Z
  • Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Alto Sax: Edgar Winter
  • Acoustic Bass: Willie Dixon
  • Harp: Walter “Shakey” Horton
  • Background Vocal: Carrie Hossell, Peggy Bowers, Elsie Senter, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter
  • Horn Section: Karl Garin (Tp), A. Wynn Butler (T.S), Stephen Ralph Sefsik (A.S)
  • Flute: Jeremy Steig
  • Piano: Pinetop Perkins, Dan Hartman
  • Original Recordings Produce: Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer
  • Compilation Produce: Lawrence Cohn
  • 1. Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo -R. Derringer
  • 2. I’m Yours And I’m Hers -J. Winter
  • 3. Johnny B. Goode -C. Berry
  • 4. I’ll Drown In My Tears -H. Glover
  • 5. Come On In My Kitchen -R. Johnson
  • 6. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ -M. Morganfield
  • 7. Highway 61 Revisited -B. Dylan
  • 8. Hustled Down In Texas -J. Winter
  • 9. Mother-In-Law Blues -D. Robey
  • 10. Dallas -J. Winter
  • 11. Miss Ann -R. Penniman, E. Johnson
  • 12. It’s Own My Fault (Live) -R. King, J. Taub
  • 13. Mean Town Blues -J. Winter
  • 14. Still Alive And Well -R. Derringer
  • 15. Be Careful With A Fool -R. King, J. Josea
  • 16. Memory Pain -P. Mayfield

Johnny Winter」→2,4,10,15
Second Winter」→3,7,8,11,16
Johnny Winter And」→1
Johnny Winter And Live」→12,13
Still Alive And Well」→14
Rasin’ Cane」→6,9
Rock And Roll Collection」→5
5曲目に関しては「Rock And Roll Collection」にて未発表曲として既出の作品で出演メンバーからにして「Still Alive And Well」のボツ作品だったと思われる。