Hey! Where’s Your Brother?(ブルースは絆)

“Hey, Where’s Your Brother?” (1992)

  • Recorded:1979
  • Label:Pointblank
  • No:CD-0777 7 86512 2 2
  • Recorded and mixed at:
  • Streeterville Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois
  • Masterd at:Sterling Sound, NYC
  • Vocal, Electric, Acoustic Guitar: Johnny Winter
  • Electric, Fretless, Eight String, Upright Bass: Jeff Ganz
  • Drums, Percussion: Tom Compton
  • Vocal, Organ, Alto, Tenor And Baritone Saxophones: Edgar Winter
  • Harp: Billy Branch
  • Produce: Dick Shurman & Johnny Winter
  • 1. Johnny Guitar -J. Watson, J. Winter
  • 2. She Likes To Boogie Real Low -Sims, Caronna
  • 3. White Line Blues -J. Winter
  • 4. Please Come Home For Christmas -Brown, Redd
  • 5. Hard Way -Walker, MC. Daniel
  • 6. You Must Have A Twin -D. Shurman, J. Winter
  • 7. You Keep Sayin’ That You’re Leavin’ -J. Winter
  • 8. Treat Me Like You Wanta -J. Winter
  • 9. Sick And Tired -C. Kenner, D. Bartholomew
  • 10. Blues This Bad -J. Paris
  • 11. No More Doggin’ -Gordon
  • 12. Check Out Her Mama -F. James
  • 13. Got My Brand On You -Morganfield
  • 14. One Step Forward (Two Step Back) -J. Paris


This album is dedicated with all my love to my parents John and Edwina Winter
And to the memory and undying greatest of Willie Dixon and to the late night Chicago blues radio inspiration of Steve Cushing, Big Bill Collins and Mr. A