Winter Blues (1999)

  • Recorded:1999
  • Label:Pyramid/Rhino/WEA
  • No:CD-R2 75808
  • Mixed at:Westlake Audio, Right Track Studios
  • Basic tracks recorded at:Cherokee, Studio 56, Nola
  • Mastered at:Wipptrax Studio, Miami, FL
  • Vocal, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Alto, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion: Edgar Winter
  • Guitar: Rick Derringer, Mitch Perry, Frankie Sullivan
  • Bass: Vail Johnson, Mike McKinney
  • Drums: Rick Latham, Sterling Campbell
  • Percussion: Louis Conte, Chuck Silverman
  • The Legendary White Trash: Jon Smith (Tenor Sax), Stephen Howard (Trumpet)
  • The Nu’Orlins Dixieland Horns: Steve Howard (Trumpet), Dean Roubicek(Clarinet), Ken Tussing (Trombone), Westy Westenhofer (Sousaphone)
  • Piano: Dr. John, Leon Russell
  • Harmonica: Jon Paris
  • Synthesizer Strings: John Massari
  • Vocals: Bobby Kimball, Carl Anderson, Billy Trudel, John Mahon, Monte’ Kelley, Paul Pesco, Eddie Money
  • Slide Guitar: Johnny Winter
  • Produce: Edgar & Monique Winter
  • Executive Producer: Jake Hooker
  • 1. Good Ol’ Shoe -E. Winter
  • 2. Nu’Orlins -E. Winter
  • 3. Texas -E. Winter
  • 4. New Millenium -E. Winter
  • 5. On The Tip Of My Tongue -E. Winter
  • 6. White Man’s Blues -Rick Derringer, E. Winter
  • 7. They Only Come Out At Night -Frankie Sullivan, E. Winter
  • 8. It’s Only Money -E. Winter
  • 9. Show Your Love -E. Winter
  • 10. You Are My Song -Curt Coumo, E. Winter